Using Zapier

Zapier lets you connect Cryptlex with 1000+ cloud apps and automate workflows without writing any server code. You can:

  • Automatically send emails to your customers when you generate or renew a license key using Gmail, Mailgun or any other email service.

  • Automatically generate licenses on successful payments.

  • Automatically renew licenses when your customer renews the subscription.

  • Get notified of each activation, license creation, and trial activation through email or slack or any other app.

  • Integrate with your CRM and lot more.

Zapier Integration

In order to use Zapier to automate workflows, you need to create a "Personal Access Token" which Zapier will use for authorization while invoking Cryptlex web API.

To create an access token for Zapier, go the "Personal Access Tokens" section in dashboard and create an access token with following scope (permissions):

activation:read, license:read, license:write, licensePolicy:read, product:read, trialActivation:read, user:read, user:write, webhook:read, webhook:write

Zapier integration is available on invite only, so please make sure you accept the invitation by clicking the following link:

Need more help

In case you need more help for using Zapier, we'll be glad to help you make the integration. You can either post your questions on our support forum or can contact us through email.

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