Customer Portal

Your customers can also log into the dashboard to manage their own license keys. They can view their license keys, update their profile etc.
The customer portal can be accessed at following URL:
You can find your customer portal URL on the settings page in the dashboard.

Managing licenses

Your customers can view all their licenses and few details regarding the licenses like total activations and deactivations, allowed activations and deactivations, validity, status etc.

Offline activation and deactivation

Your customers can also use the portal for offline activations and deactivations. This saves you a considerable amount of time on product support.
Offline trial activations can't be handled in the customer portal as it requires user authentication. But you can easily host following website on Github or your own server to automate the offline trial activation process:

Downloading releases

Your customers can also download releases of your software app from the customer portal.

User profile

Your customers can also see and update their profile details like first name, last name, email and password.

Customizing customer portal

You can easily change the logo in the customer portal, by setting the same in the dashboard settings. You can also setup a custom domain for your portal, by setting the custom domain in the dashboard settings page and pointing a CNAME record to

Need more features

In case you need more features in the customer portal, we'll be glad to add them in the portal. You can either post your requests on our support forum or can contact us through email.