Creating Releases

Whenever you release a new version of your software, you will need to create a new release in the Cryptlex dashboard (or through Web API). After you create the release, you have to upload your software bundle through the Upload button available for the release.

In case you want to host the software bundle on your own server then you need to click the Add External File button to add the details of your files to the release.

Creating a release

You can easily create a release through the dashboard. Go to the releases option in the dashboard under the products section and click the add the button. A release form with the following fields will popup:


The name of the release. This can be a user-friendly name to identify the release e.g. MyApp v1.2.


The version format syntax in Cryptlex is $MAJOR.$MINOR.$PATCH.$BUILD. So, only following three formats are allowed:

  • x.x - $MAJOR.$MINOR

  • x.x.x - $MAJOR.$MINOR.$PATCH

  • x.x.x.x - $MAJOR.$MINOR.$PATCH.$BUILD

It must only contain dot-separated digits e.g. 1.2, 1.2.3,, etc.


The platform of the release. It will usually have one of the following values: windows, linux, macos, win32, win64, etc.


The channel of the release. The default value is stable. You can use it to differentiate between alpha, beta, rc, stable, etc. release types.


The release notes for the release. It also supports markdown.

Uploading release file

After the release is created you need to upload the release file which needs to be distributed securely to your licensed users.

In order to upload the file select the release in the dashboard and click the Upload Files button. After the successful upload, you can see the entry in the Files section at the bottom.

The release can also be uploaded using any command-line HTTP client like curl. To upload the release file using curl execute the following command:

curl -X PUT{RELEASE_ID}/ \
     -H "Authorization: Bearer {ACCESS_TOKEN}" \
     -T "/path/to/"

# In case you are using Cryptlex On-Premise then use following instead
curl -X PUT{RELEASE_ID}/ \
     -H "Authorization: Bearer {ACCESS_TOKEN}" \
     -F "file=@/path/to/"

The access token must have at least following two permissions: release:read, release:write.

The file name in the upload URL must only contain letters, numbers and some special characters, including . (period), - (hyphen) and _ (underscore).

Adding an external release file

Instead of uploading release files to our server, you can also add the release files hosted on your server.

In order to add the external release files select the release in the dashboard and click the Add External File button. Put in the details of your external release file in the form and click the Create button. After that, you can see the entry in the Files section at the bottom.

Publishing release

Once all the changes have been finalized you can click the Publish button to freeze the release. After a release is published it becomes read-only.

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