Hosted Floating License Server

Creating a floating license

At the time of license creation you should do the following to configure the floating license:

  • Set the license type to "hosted-floating".

  • Set the lease duration to the amount of time you want to lease the licenses.

  • Make sure server sync interval is less than lease duration by at least 10 seconds, as server sync is responsible for license renewal.

Adding floating licensing to your app

Hosted floating license server uses Cryptlex Web API directly to lease the floating licenses. You can simply use LexActivator to enable floating licenses:

pageUsing LexActivator

When your user is done using the app, the app should send a request to free the license activation by calling DeactivateLicense() LexActivator API function, thereby making it available for other users. If the app doesn't, the license activation becomes (zombie) useless until lease time is over.

Borrowing floating licenses

Borrowing floating licenses for offline usage is supported out of the box. You just need to increase the leaseDuration to the amount of time you wish to lease the license for offline usage.

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