Meter Attributes

Sometimes you want your customers to pay for what is actively used regardless of how long they possess your product. The usage can be defined as the number of specific operations in your app, the number of times it is run, the number of times any feature is used, etc.

Meter attribute properties

The meter attributes can be added to the licenses and have the following properties:


Name of the meter attribute.

Allowed Uses

The maximum allowed uses for the attribute.

Total Uses

The current uses for the attribute. Its value can be incremented, decremented, or reset in your app using LexActivator functions.

Gross Uses

This property keeps track of the lifetime usage of the meter attribute.


If set to true then this meter attribute will be visible to users in the customer portal.


If set to true then the uses consumed by the activation will auto-reset if activation is deleted.

Enforcing meter attributes schema

You can easily make some meter attributes required for your licenses by adding them to the requiredMeterAttributes property of the license policy. This also automatically creates the meter attributes in the license form.

Using meter attributes

After you have created meter attributes for the license, you can easily get, increment, decrement, and reset the usage count of the meter attributes in your app using the following LexActivator functions:

GetActivationMeterAttributeUses(), IncrementActivationMeterAttributeUses(), DecrementActivationMeterAttributeUses(), ResetActivationMeterAttributeUses()

When the usage count reaches the allowedUses limit, further incrementing the usage count will return LA_E_METER_ATTRIBUTE_USES_LIMIT_REACHED error code.

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