Welcome to Cryptlex!

Last updated 15 days ago

Cryptlex offers a complete software licensing solution to help you license your desktop apps, mobile apps, on-premise software, IoT apps, and other digital goods.

Cryptlex Licensing API

Cryptlex licensing API let's you implement any software licensing model with node-locked licensing, floating licensing, perpetual licenses, subscriptions, timed trials and more supported out of the box.

LexActivator - Cryptlex Client Library

LexActivator makes it dead simple to implement any type of licensing model, including hosted floating licenses, by abstracting away HTTPS network requests, AES encryption, RSA signature verification, advanced machine fingerprinting, virtual machine detection and much more.

LexFloatServer & LexFloatClient

An on-premise floating license server to help you implement floating licensing model inside networks which may or may not be connected to internet.