The Reseller feature empowers you to invite your sales partners, resellers, distributors, and sales channels to Cryptlex and allows them to effectively sell your software.

  • Resellers get a dedicated web portal for managing licenses, users and organizations.

  • You can effectively manage and monitor Reseller activity.

Delegate monetization to Resellers

Start by creating a Reseller and assigning a User to the Reseller with the reseller-admin role. A User with the reseller-admin role can log in to the reseller portal to manage Licenses, Users, and Organizations.

The reseller portal can be accessed at the following URL:


You can find your reseller portal URL on the settings page in the admin portal.

Managing and billing your Resellers

As an independent software vendor, you can effectively limit Reseller activity using the Allowed Users and Allowed Organizations properties on the Reseller. Furthermore, you can track Reseller activity using filters and the Audit Logs.

Note: The Resellers feature is currently in beta. Expect ongoing enhancements as we refine and optimize the experience. Your feedback is invaluable in shaping this feature, please share your thoughts on

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