Revoking Licenses

Revoking a license will cause LexActivator IsLicenseGenuine() function to invalidate the local license activation data on the user machine and return LA_FAIL status code. Any further attempt to reactivate the license using ActivateLicense() will return LA_E_REVOKED status code.

Approving the license later will require the user to reactivate the license.

Revoking a license

To revoke a license you need to hit the license update endpoint and set revoked property to true.

Revoking a license


Path Parameters


Request Body

  "key": "0A2035-E8A2A3-4D31B7-8FF9C6-81A6CA-539E54",
  "revoked": true,
  "suspended": false,
  "totalActivations": 0,
  "totalDeactivations": 0,
  "validity": 2595000,
  "expirationStrategy": "immediate",
  "fingerprintMatchingStrategy": "fuzzy",
  "allowedActivations": 1,
  "allowedDeactivations": 10,
  "type": "node-locked",
  "allowedFloatingClients": 0,
  "serverSyncGracePeriod": 2595000,
  "serverSyncInterval": 3600,
  "leaseDuration": 0,
  "expiresAt": "2018-07-06T08:49:17.9361143Z",
  "allowVmActivation": true,
  "userLocked": false,
  "productId": "63dfd63e-ed71-4f84-9236-02ee0ddb062c",
  "user": null,
  "allowedCountries": [],
  "disallowedCountries": [],
  "allowedIpAddresses": [],
  "disallowedIpAddresses": [],
  "metadata": [],
  "tags": [],
  "id": "23d9646c-34f5-4d37-adeb-f7f77b927bdb",
  "createdAt": "2018-05-06T08:49:17.9361143Z",
  "updatedAt": "2018-05-06T08:49:17.9361158Z"

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